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If you would like to donate by check, please make check payable to "Weekend Missions" and mail to:
Weekend Missions
500 N. 56th St Suite 16A
Chandler, AZ  85226

Weekend Missions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 (Arizona Corporation) and all donations are tax deductible.

HERE to inquire about Volunteering

In the last 13 years, Weekend Missions has hosted over 10,000 mission trip participants. The vision of Weekend Missions has always been to impact the every day lives of those that go on the 3 day mission trip to Rocky Point. It is a transforming experience as those on the trip are transported into a different world only 4 hours away from Phoenix and they come back changed! Along the way Weekend Missions has had the privilege of watching God at workGod has always provided the resources and the volunteers to meet our needs! Weekend Missions would not exist without the generosity of your time and finances! But God has revealed to me that the Vision for Weekend Missions has to grow and it's time to turn the page to something new as He grows the ministry!

God is at work and is asking us to join HIM! After 13 years, Pastor Robin Wood has come back into my life! RobinWoodMinistries, LLC was recently formed with one purpose, to assist and help Churches, Ministries, and Non-Profits fund the vision that God has given them!
After much prayer, Robin Wood has agreed to be our Campaign Director and to assist Weekend Missions in launching the IMAGINE CAMPAIGN! 
Robin is asking if you would pray and allow God to open your heart to the following commitments:

1. Would you pray with us and over the vision God has given us?
2. Would you receive a call from either Robin Wood or his partner Tom Patton? If you see the number 602-690-5303 (Robin) or 480-634-3177     (Tom) would you pick up the phone and wholeheartedly listen to what they have to say?
3. Would you pray for God to reveal to you an amount that you would 
be willing to give toward the IMAGINE CAMPAIGN?


$70,000 Church Community Projects, which include the Annual Family                       Festival
$70,000 Villa Granada renovation, repairs and improvements
$10,000 Kids Camp development-Camp Granada
$10,000 Mission Trip and Summer Camp scholarships
$20,000 Thirty person passenger van and an efficient vehicle for back                        and forth use
$50,000 Leadership development and staff of the Villa Granada
$20,000 Thrift Store development-Mesa, AZ

We are excited to share what God is doing and how He has opened the door to this milestone for WEEKEND MISSIONS.  With your help The IMAGINE Campaign will empower us to expand the great MISSION that The Lord has given us and to fulfill the vision that He has placed on our hearts for the ministry!

IMAGINE...Hosting 4,000 Weekend Missions participants per year! That would be 40,000 lives impacted for Jesus Christ and transformed in a 10 year period!

IMAGINE...The next generation of young people catching the Heart of Jesus for the least of these, here in the United States and internationally!

IMAGINE...Thousands of young people meeting Christ on a WEEKEND MISSIONS trip! Over 90 percent of all people that come to Jesus, come before the age of 18!

IMAGINE...All renovations and repairs completed at the Villa Granada including air-conditioning in the common areas!

IMAGINE...Partnerships with over 50 churches and hundreds of mission projects completed!


Room Sponsorship Program 

Our goal at Mission Villa Granada is to provide a humble and clean lodging experience for mission trip attendees, to make available for Christ-centered groups, and to provide a limited community center.  The community center will provide HOPE and PURPOSE for the local people, by serving as a safe venue for meeting, learning and sharing Christ-centered activities.  We are constantly looking for like-minded individuals who want to be part of something bigger then themselves, giving back to those less fortunate and helping to further God’s work by supporting our ministry.

The Villa Granada has been going through a renovation for the last six years.  With God’s help and the support of his people, we have seen it evolve from an old abandoned hotel to a functional facility designed to meet the needs of Christians with a desire to serve the people of Puerto Penasco and surrounding areas.  Although the hotel is functional, it is far from being completed.  We have many needs remaining in the rooms and in the common areas that create ongoing expenses.  If you would like to consider a onetime donation, but be part of the ongoing ministry, then our Room Sponsorship Program is designed for you.

We have two levels of donation depending on where you would like to stay on your trips to Mission Villa Granada:

Courtyard Rooms                                                                             $1500.00 donation

Poolside Rooms                                                                               $2500.00 donation

Sponsors will be recognized with a Plaque on the door of the sponsored room.  They will also be able to stay in the room on future trips to Mission Villa Granada, as long as the room is available and a reservation has been placed in advance. 

Room rates will change over time.  However, as the sponsor of the room you will be charged the lowest rate in affect at that time.

Room Sponsorship is a donation to Mission Villa Granada which does not entitle the Sponsor to any specific benefits.  It is given as a donation and is tax deductible so there is no monetary value associated with the donation.

Annual Membership

For individuals with a desire to be more active in our ministry, we have created an Annual Membership Program for only $100 per year.  This program allows our members to enjoy staying at Mission Villa Granada absolutely free, for five nights a year.  You can also bring you relatives and friends at no cost, as long as they stay in the same room.  You will be limited to the number of people matching the number of beds in your room, and our standard rules do apply for guests staying at Mission Villa Granada.

This offer is available only during time periods when there are no activities schedule and you must reserve you room in advance.  It includes only the room and does not include meals, snacks or the use of the kitchen and snack bar facilities.

We expect our members to participate in at least one scheduled Mission Trips a year.  This trip can be an Open trip or part of another organized group trip.  Members will be expected to make the same donation for this trip, as all other participants on the trip. 


* All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law

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